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Closing Date: 13th July 2024

The Big Bang Beauty Tech Innovation Program is L’Oréal SAPMENA’s inaugural open innovation venture, featuring a startup competition and pilot stage. Spanning countries across South Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and North Africa (SAPMENA), it aims to identify innovative startups that can help propel L’Oréal’s Beauty Tech ambition by co-creating solutions for the future.


The Big Bang Beauty Tech Innovation Program is L’Oréal SAPMENA’s inaugural open innovation venture, featuring a startup competition and pilot stage. Spanning countries across South Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and North Africa (SAPMENA), it aims to identify innovative startups that can help propel L’Oréal’s Beauty Tech ambition by co-creating solutions for the future.


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  • Open for Submissions


    Identify a challenge your startup can solve and apply

  • Application Deadline


    Applications close 13 July, and the shortlisting process begins over the next 3-5 weeks

  • Shortlisting Applications


    L’Oréal will select top 20 startups for regional semi-finals (India & SEA)

  • India

    September 11

    10 startups are shortlisted for the India regional semi-finals, and 3 finalists will advance

  • Southeast Asia

    September 30

    9 startups are shortlisted for the Southeast Asian regional semi-finals, and 3 finalists will advance

  • Grand

    October 23

    Up to 10 Grand Finalists in total across the SAPMENA region will pitch at the Grand Finale in Singapore

Applications and shortlisting for the Middle East (Gulf Cooperation Council) regional semi-finals have already been completed.


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    Submit your application online with all necessary and supporting documents.

    At the form, you should first select the region that your business is incorporated in, or mainly operating out of – you can choose between India, or Southeast Asia.

    Please refer to our FAQ and T&Cs for more information on the application process.

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    After the submission deadline, all applications will be reviewed by a panel of evaluators and experts.

    Once evaluated, 10 & 9 startups will be shortlisted* to pitch at the regional semi-finals happening virtually for India and Southeast Asia respectively.

    *Shortlisted startups will be notified 3-5 weeks ahead of the respective regional semi-finals.

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    Up to 10 startup finalists from the respective regional semi-finals (the GCC, India, and Southeast Asia) each will be advanced as finalists entering the Grand Finale, happening in Singapore* – home of L’Oréal SAPMENA

    Please refer to T&Cs

Leading the change in Beauty Tech

The challenge will focus on these 5 key themes:

  • Consumer Experience

    Using technology to design flawless online and offline experiences that drives consumer engagement with our brands in an appealing and personalized way.

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    We are specifically looking for solutions in the following areas (but not limited to): 
    • Consumer platforms
    Innovative solutions to drive personalization on consumer-platforms based on user preferences, user profiles and/or demographics.

    • Brand engagement
    Innovative solutions for consumers to engage with the brand beyond traditional advertising and marketing channels that encourage user participation and foster brand loyalty.

    • Live streaming
    Platforms or technologies that facilitate live tutorials, product launches, sales, and/or Q&A sessions with beauty experts to engage and educate consumers.

    • Augmented reality and virtual reality
    Immersive VR experiences such as virtual beauty consultations or virtual reality makeup studios, where consumers can experiment with different looks in a simulated environment.

    • Gaming
    Beauty-themed mobile games or apps that combine entertainment with education, to attract and retain users.

    • Next-gen CRM
    Tools that leverage data and AI to scale consumer personalization and/or improve marketing ROI.

    • Voice & chat assistants
    Voice-activated assistants and chatbots that offer personalized beauty advice, product recommendations, and tutorials based on user queries.
  • Content

    Creating and/or adopting high-quality and on-brand content at scale.

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    We are specifically looking for solutions that utilize or provide (but not limited to):
    • Generative AI
    Solutions that can produce various types of content (e.g. videos, articles, social media posts, product descriptions, creatives etc.) while adhering to brand guidelines.

    • Trendspotting
    Identification of social media trends as they happen, leading to relevant content creation.

    • Transcreation of content
    Technology-enabled solutions that can help adapt content (e.g. videos, social media posts, advertisements, etc.) while keeping consumer preferences in mind and maintaining language and/or cultural contexts.

    • Creative testing and analysis
    Technology-enabled solutions that can evaluate the performance and effectiveness of various creatives.

    • Influencer collaboration and UGC
    Platforms that enable brands to discover and collaborate with influencers and manage user-generated content.
  • Media

    Analyzing and optimizing media for efficiency and effectiveness.

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    We are specifically looking for solutions that utilize or provide (but not limited to):
    • Media targeting and segmentation
    Solutions that can enable better audience segmentation and enable advertisers to target media campaigns more effectively.

    • Creative measurement
    Newer ways of measurement by using technologies such as EEG, eye tracking, and facial recognition; solutions that provide attribution modeling to analyze media effectiveness.

    • Share of voice and brand tracking
    Platforms or tools that can track business data and that of competitors, and measure share of voice across different channels; technology-enabled brand tracking surveys and consumer panels.

    • Predictive analytics and forecasting
    Solutions that can forecast media performance and optimize advertising strategies in real-time.

    • Ad fraud detection and prevention
    Solutions that utilize AI and blockchain to detect and mitigate ad fraud, ensuring that media budgets are spent effectively.

    • Media optimization for sustainability
    Solutions to reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact. 
  • New Commerce

    Reinventing or enhancing the existing e-commerce model to create exciting and engaging experiences for our consumers.

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    We are specifically looking for solutions that utilize or provide (but not limited to):
    • Live shopping
    Solutions that enable brands to host interactive shopping events, product launches, and demonstrations, etc. in a more efficient and effective manner.

    • Social commerce
    Solutions that enable brands to engage with consumers on social commerce platforms in a frictionless and efficient manner to drive conversion.

    • Shoppable everywhere
    Solutions that remove friction from the shopping journey and allow consumers to discover and purchase products across various channels.

    • E-commerce optimization
    Solutions such as AI-enabled product recommendations, deals, gamification, and offers that can convert more browsers into buyers.

    • Voice commerce
    Voice-activated commerce solutions that allow consumers to search for products, place orders, and manage their shopping lists using voice commands.

  • Tech For Good

    Harnessing the power of technology to drive positive social and environmental impact to foster inclusivity and enhance sustainability.

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    We are specifically looking for solutions that utilize or provide:
    • Data for good
    Data that can provide a measurement of sustainability-related initiatives, data-powered solutions to enhance inclusivity.

    • Accessibility and inclusion
    Solutions allowing for the acceleration of digital accessibility adoption; either through enhanced WCAG accessibility compliance on our websites, or scaled generation of closed captioning/audio transcription on our creative assets.

    • Sustainable packaging
    Solutions that can help L'Oréal move towards our goal of having 100% of our packaging be refillable, reusable, recyclable or compostable without compromising on quality.

    • Sustainable value chains
    Technologies that provide visibility into the entire supply chain; from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and distribution, ensuring compliance with ethical labour practices and environmental standards; solutions that facilitate the transition to a circular economy within the beauty industry.


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Trip to Singapore, home of L’Oréal SAPMENA (T&Cs apply) and inside tour of L’Oréal SAPMENA’s brands, functions, and facilities

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L'Oréal-funded co-pilot opportunity with L'Oréal SAPMENA markets and brands

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Access to the network and resources of the world's biggest beauty company

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Personalized mentorship with key L'Oréal experts, leaders, and partners



We are looking for novel yet proven solutions that are technology-driven and are backed by an existing customer base. 

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We want businesses with a stable and scalable model that can bring immense growth opportunities across our wide array of brands and markets.

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We want startups with a sustainable mindset and ideally, sustainable practices in place. 

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Impact on L'Oréal

We are looking for effective solutions that solve important problems for L'Oréal in significant ways.

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Is there an application fee or participation fee?

No, there is no application fee or participation fee.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Although L’Oréal SAPMENA seeks early to mid-stage start-ups that fit the challenge themes, the Big Bang Beauty Tech Innovation Program encourages applications from companies at all stages of fundraising.

Preference during the shortlisting process will be given to companies with transformative potential that will benefit the most from the Big Bang Beauty Tech Innovation Program curriculum and strategic partner mentorship. Startups of any size and stage are welcome to apply if they fit the needs and criteria that L’Oréal SAPMENA are looking for. You can see the criteria here

We are looking forward to leveraging advanced technology across the industry to help the development of Beauty Tech. If your technology is mature and you have already thought and considered the value that the beauty industry can bring, L’Oréal is experienced to accelerate the transformation of cross-industry technology; if not, we can explore together based on the platform L’Oréal provides.

What should I include in my pitch deck?

Your application will capture necessary details about your startup and the submission proposal will outline the challenge statement/s you are responding to, your proposal for L’Oréal as well as relevant examples and use cases. Make sure that your application and pitch deck answer all the selection criteria. You are required to submit a 2-minute video. The final pitch deck that you use for this application and the one you can use at the semi-final or final events may be different.

Here are the points we recommend including in your deck:
1. Problem / Unmet Need
2. Market Information
3. Your Solution / Technology Overview: include product photo or rendering and expected Beauty Tech outcomes
4. Competitive Advantage / Differentiation
5. Validation
6. Value Proposition / Beauty Tech Economics
7. Business model, Reimbursement Strategy (if applicable)
8. IP Status: include broadest claims sought
9. Key Milestones / Timeline for go-to-market: include funding required to achieve each milestone point
10. Summary, including Value Proposition
11. Team: photos with logos below from companies they have worked for previously
12. Advisors / Partners: photos with logos below from companies they work for currently

Where is this program held?

The regional semi-finals are held online for the Gulf Cooperation Council region, India region, and Southeast Asia region. The grand finale is an in-person event held in Singapore in October 2024.

More details on the location of the event are available on the full timeline here

When is the deadline to apply?

You must have your application submitted by Saturday 13 July 2024, 11:59PM Singapore Time (GMT+8).

Who judges the submissions?

The judges will be a range of L’Oréal brand, business and domain experts across the problem statement themes and relevant technologies.

What kind of assistance is provided to help prepare for the Semi-Final or Grand Finale?

All semi-finalists and finalists will have the opportunity to attend a pitch training and preparation session, including one-to-one coaching.

Is the information shared kept confidential?

The personnel and experts involved in the organization and evaluation of the competition are committed to treating all matters confidentially. For more information, please check the T&Cs .